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Have you ever noticed that at many protests,many of the slogans that people chant contain 3 words (Or letters) or, contain 3 “sections”—–always with each word/letter accented?

(Being a musician, I notice things like this.) A few examples:

1) “U—S—A! U—S—A!”

(Actually,#6 could be argued to have 2 groups and then 3—but for the sake of argument, lets say there are three main sections.)

I could give you more examples, but you get the point.

Well, another person noticed this tendency a long time ago——-and his name was George Orwell.

Most people know him as the author of “1984”, but he also wrote another famous political novel called “Animal Farm.”

If you haven’t read this story,I highly recommend it(I have put the link for the animated movie in this post for those who hate to read—–but of course, the book is much much better!)

Like “1984”,”Animal Farm” is more relevant today than ever.It’s a perfect allegory for how all revolutions, no matter how justified they are at the time, gradually become corrupted.

In “Animal Farm”, the symbolism is obvious: The Farmer (“Mr Jones) represents the “Established government”—-he abuses the animals, and of course, he kills them/has them slaughtered for profit.

Eventually, the animals figure out how unjust this is and they decide to rebel and overthrow “Mr Jones” and put in a new government. Amongst the animals, ” Each of the animals “On the Farm” are used as metaphors for different groups in human society.

(For example—“Boxer the horse”=Symbolizes the working man. it is pretty easy to figure out the rest)

Anyways, “Short Story Long” ——One of the the slogans all the animals chant after their “successful revolution” takes place is:


(Note how the slogan is in three word increments. LOL 😉

Of course,this slogan has great meaning to the animals. They vow never to let humans rule them again.

But as time goes by, the animals are slowly taken over by the Pigs, who in time become just as bad as their human masters ever were.

Eventually,the Sheep (LOL of course) are manipulated to chant this “three word slogan” over and over by the Pigs anytime any other animal tries to bring up any point that the Animals leaders(The Pigs) don’t like.

My point in posting all this:

In this day and age of division and chaos and discontent, we need to be very wary of “Joining up with angry groups” on either side of the political fence—especially if you see these groups are “mindlessly chanting 3 word slogans.”

We need to remember that this is a very old trick used by the oligarchs to steer people into mindless group think, and to reject any gathering where “slogans” start to become part of the meetings,no matter how valid the initial idea for the protest is.

Addendum for the musically inclined:

3 word chants are basically in “2/4 March time” with the “2 an” being the rest period.

1     an  / 2      an
“Yes We Can (rest)= 1 an 2(rest)

Now, a slogan in 7/4 or 13/8—THAT would be quite different.

(We could call them “Jazz slogans)

An example of a “7/4 Slogan:”

1        2         3        4         5                  ( 6 7)
“We want new Trade Deals!”       (Rest)
“We want new Trade Deals! ”      (Rest)

or how about one in 13/8?

1        2       3     4    5   6   7    8     9    10      11              (12,13)

“Ho mo Sex   U  Al  I   Ty  Is  Not   A   Choice!”    (Rest)

Think of the cool dance moves you could do to these and other similar odd or syncopated rhythms! Especially on the rest sections!

(Hey if you’re going to chant slogans at meaningless protests, at least make them artistic and rhythmically interesting!)



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