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I think If I was ever going to change my name, I’d change it to “Wow.” That way people would always sound excited when they talked to me.

(“Wow, that was a great song! or “Wow, you look great!”)

It would also help when they were talking about me:

(“I just met this guy—Wow. You ever heard of him? Oh yeah .Wow.He’s cool.)

Of course, the down side to being named “Wow” is that criticisms would seem more harsh as well.

(“Wow, that was dumb” or” “Wow you can be a real jerk sometimes”)

One things for sure, no one would forget you. 😉

I have to believe it would really be a help in the entertainment industry as well,

TALENT SCOUT: “Hmmm—-lets see. I have to check out Billy Sanders, Sarah Jane—-and Wow? Wow. Who is WOW? Well, I gotta see this guy. “

In fact,I think the world would be a far more interesting place if we all had more “expressive names”-Think of how much more intense our conversations would be if instead of names like “bob” and “Britney” and Jordan” we had names like, oh say:

A) “Cash”
B) “Sexy”
C) “Damn”
D) “Fuck”
E) “Getouttaheah”
F) “Lover”
G) “Drag”
H) “Stupid”
I) “Jackass”
J) “Moron”
K) “Stud”

(I’m sure my readers could add more to this list)

Imagine the possibilities!

LOVER: “Oh here comes Sexy. She’s such a jack ass.”

JACKASS:(Turns head)”You talkin to me?”

FUCK: “No stupid—- no one thinks you’re Sexy.”

STUPID: (Tunrs abruptly, looks insulted)

“Heyyyy—at least I have Cash!”

CASH:(Beams proudly) “YEAH. We’re a couple.”

JACKASS: “Damn. I’m not that ugly, Am I?”

DAMN: “Don’t ask me.I’m friends with Stupid.”

MORON:” OK, this is just getting Silly.”

SILLY: “LISTEN, I’m in a bad mood. Fuck!”

FUCK:” Look leave me out of this Silly!”

SILLY: “Drag.No one ever takes me seriously!”

DRAG: “Well, now—–lets—-talk about this—–lets—”

FUCK: (cuts him off) “Getouttaheah!”

GETOUTTAHEAH:(Turns head, shrugs shoulders) “I think you’re all Silly!”

SILLY:” No, there’s only one Silly, and that’s me.”

STUPID: “Well, I could give a shit about any of you morons. I have Cash”

CASH(Grins,makes seductive pose, looks at Stupid) “Stud.”

(Smiles at Stupid)

MORON:(Looks at Cash)”Listen Stupid—–He’s the Stud”

STUD:(Makes annoyed face, mutters to self) “I cant believe I’m hanging around with a moron.”

MORON: (turns head and shouts)”HEY——is that Sexy?

SEXY:(shows up in bikini) “Hiiii Everyyyyonnnnne.”

EVERYONE AT THE SAME TIME: “Hiiii Sexxxxxxyyyyyyyy”



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