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“PC JOKES” (Pt 1)


It has come to my attention that much of what we see,hear and read that gets called”comedy” is in fact terribly offensive to many. (Tsk Tsk.) So, in the spirit of unity and  being a non gender specific person who wants to accommodate my sense of humor to this new era of “Political Correctness”, I have decided to make a list of “PC Jokes” that can be said/read by anyone at any safe space anytime, no matter what your gender, ethnicity or sexual preference.

So here is “Part One”  of “PC Jokes.”


1)”A Featureless, colorless non gender specific person walks into a bar—-”

2) “Did you hear the one about the random person—– who could possibly be from any point of origin, but it doesn’t matter because all cultures have their strengths and weaknesses?”

3)”I can’t believe how ridiculous the current political figure in power in my non specific area is right now—why, that non gender specific person is so phonetically challenged, he couldn’t even make sense to a person with a learning disability!”

4)”Once, there was a woman who walked into a Starbucks.No one should objectify her for laughs”

5)”Did you ever hear the one about three equally significant representatives of spirituality who went into a bar? They agreed that all beliefs are equal and had a nice time.”

6) “KNOCK KNOCK!” “Who’s there?”—-
“Someone who has the same rights you have, no matter what my sexual persuasion.”

7)”These three African Americans with tattoos and gang style clothing walked into a restaurant—-no one pre judged them.”

8) “Thank goodness famous actors and musicians know whats best when it comes to politics. We need to hear from them more often.”

9) “A group of Straight white males went to a basketball game.What a bunch of lame-ooos!!”

10) “A nightclub owner hired a female comic. She was just as funny as all the other men.”

11) “An Irish guy walked into a bar. He didn’t drink. Not all Irish people drink.”

12) “Did you hear the one about the drummer? He liked to hang out with musicians because drummers are musicians too. In fact, drumming requires more co-ordination than many other musical instruments.”

13 “You know the best way to keep a guitar player silent? Unplug his amplifier. But that would be rude.”

14) “Did you hear about the 12 inch pianist? He was never able to play any of the standard repetoire due to his small stature.”

15) “A Muslim went into an airport. He saw that it was 12 o’clock and quickly dropped to his knees and began chanting Allah Akbar. Everyone had a wonderful flight.”

16) “A businessman put a nativity scene up in his window. He was quickly arrested,thank goodness! ” (Siiigh——- So much evil in the world!”)

17) “”Once upon a time,two non gender specific persons of indeterminate racial origin in safe spaces offered non specific religious greetings to each other.They both shared a moment of equality. ” #PCJokes

18) “Did you hear the one about the conspiracy theorist? Well, I didn’t—and I hope you didn’t either.That’s kooky talk.”

19) “Did you hear about the Rush fans who went to the Star Trek convention? Some of them were single women. It could happen!”

20) “I just saw a news story on TV. It was on TV and not the internet—– so I know it was true.”

21) “A Jewish man went into a restaurant. He was well liked by all the employees there due to the fact that he was such a good tipper and had such a pleasant easy going manner.”

22)”A Jewish guy went into an attorneys office. He didn’t know any of the lawyers.”

(Excuse me dear reader—I meant to write “A person of the Jewish faith—”   Siiiigh. I have soooo much work to do! )


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