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How many times have we heard about a “Terrorist attack” happening somewhere followed by the phrase:

“______ has taken responsibility for the attack”???
Many people hear this and don’t think more about it——-but have you ever stopped to consider how ridiculous this is?
First of all, if you really did belong to a “terrorist organization” ,how would you “alert the media” and “Take responsibility” for such a thing without getting caught?
Would someone from a terrorist group physically go to the headquarters of CNN, approach their receptionist and say:
“Umm—you know that last airport bombing? In Istanbul? Yeah—-that was us. MY group did that.”
Would they send CNN a text? An E-mail? A DVD?
Seriously, how WOULD you alert the media and “Take responsibility” without immediately getting apprehended? 😉

The whole idea that there are actual terrorist groups out there doing these things and then “taking responsibility” is a huge red flag with the words “FAKE NEWS” all over the banner.

Also, lets never forget: ISIS has a Twitter page!
Now you just have to laugh if you really think about that. Could could they be more obviously fake?
“Hey we’re ISIS—follow us on Twitter for all your terrorist updates.”.
If that isn’t enough to convince people that we’re dealing with a fake group, lets look at this from the practical point of view:
If you were part of a terrorist group that really was “Opposed to a government”,whether it was the one that ran your country or one that had just invaded your country/taken it over, and you planned out an attack on that government—would you want them to know WHO you were, or “The Name of your group” after you had staged that attack?
Of course you wouldn’t!
Why would you want to alert the regime you were warring against that “your group had attacked them”, or “give them the name of the group?”
All that would do is make it easier for them to track down the organization, its members etc
If you think about it,”Taking responsibility for a major terrorist attack” would be suicidal for a REAL truly “independent” anti governmental group.The LAST thing they would ever do is “Take responsibility.”
BUT—-if the group in question ISN’T a real “grass roots terrorist organization” but is instead being FUNDED BY and ARMED BY that government/its intelligence services,then the group “Coming forward to claim responsibility” makes more sense doesn’t it?
Now, the corporate media has their “Scapegoat”—-now they can create more fear of “future events”, or stage more fake events and blame it on this “Nefarious group.”
So if the Corporate media wants to talk about “Fake News”, I say lets start with them. Let’s remember that they are in the ratings business and nothing keeps people glued to the news more than scary stories with lots of blood ,fear,violence—-and of course, a good villain.

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