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For months now, we have been hearing this term “Gender fluidity”, and it is time to deal with this issue with logic and consistency, and expose it as the completely ridiculous concept it is.

When it comes to peoples sexual preferences, we are told that they are “Born that way”

But then, many of these very same people who insist that sexual preference is “part of your identity” turnaround and tell me that “Gender is fluid” and is, in a word,”A choice”.

What? LOL

So let me get this straight—-in regards to sexual preferences, well—-that’s ETCHED IN STONE. No experience/environment can ever change what you’re attracted to, and to suggest otherwise makes you a homophobe etc (A very shaky premise)
But gender, which is coded into your DNA in EVERY CELL, the organs in your body/the differences etc —THAT can be changed “by choice?” Really?

Anyone else see the inconsistency in this? I know I do. It’s asinine.
Look, this is simple: If you’re born a boy, you’re a boy. PERIOD. No matter what kind of surgery you do, how you dress, your DNA will ALWAYS BE MALE.
The same goes for women.
If they ever figure out how to change peoples gender at a cellular level, then we’ll talk. But the fact stands that rejecting the biology you were born with is a sign of a mental problem and its not “normal”, and attempting to normalize it does a disservice to the children who suffer from this body image problem.
BTW, aren’t the people making this argument always the ones telling us “we need to accept people for who they are” and “we’re all beautiful just the way we are” —If that’s the case, then shouldn’t we apply that thinking to gender as well?
Shouldn’t we be telling a girl who “relates to boys/wishes she was a boy” how lucky she is to be a girl, and that “she is perfect just as she is?” And vice versa?
Here’s the deal:

People who don’t relate to the gender/biology they are should be treated in the same way as anyone with a mental issue/someone who has low self esteem.

Also, perhaps the possibility of a chemical cause for this increase in “Gender Fluidity”, should be looked into as well.
The point is, we shouldn’t be “reorganizing society” to go along with this new trend. We should be examining WHY it is happening because it is not normal or natural in any way.

We should also be very skeptical of any “Wedge issue” like this being pushed so heavily by the mainstream media. It smacks of social programming, and as a possible psy-op that is being pushed into the mainstream as a way to make people argue/fight and basically distract us from how badly we are being screwed in the system we live under.

I’ll end this little rant with a quote from Frank Zappa:

“You is what you am—a cow don’t make ham. You ain’t what you’re not—-so see what you’ve got.”

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