Remember when going out to eat was easy? Everyone piled in the car, and went for pizza—or burgers and fries—or tacos—or if you were a snobby family, you went to a place that served “cuisine.”
The point is , everyone went and ate what was on the menu.
Fast forward to today, when going out to eat has become an epic problem. Why? Because most people are allergic to EVERYTHING nowadays, or they have severe dietary restrictions.
“Gluten Intolerant”—-“Lactose Intolerant”—-“Vegan”—“Fructose intolerant”
OK, I made up the last one—-but you get the point.
Nowadays, planning to take a group of people out to eat is as complex as planning a military assault.

“OK—Joey is allergic to soy, and Tina is a vegan.Jerry can’t handle gluten, and I’m lactose intolerant. I guess McDonalds is out.”
These are the kinds of thoughts that run thru your mind when you are planning to take a group of people/friends or family out to eat.

Now,if you were smart, you would have never brought this up to begin with—but its too late for that, so now, you have to do some planning. LOTS of planning.

The first step is finding a restaurant that might possibly have a wide enough variety of food.

The next step is making phone calls to insure that the restaurant will be able to deal with everyone in the group.
The next step is hoping that the waiter/waitress will be willing to deal with all your extra demands and questions and be satisfied with the 15% tip. Hmm—maybe you better make it 20%—or 25%—-you might want to come back here, and you don’t want to be consuming the bodily fluids of the server who will recognize you from the last time you came in and only tipped them 15%.
So that’s restaurants—–but there is an even bigger hurdle nowadays when it comes to eating—EATING WITH YOUR FAMILY.
That’s right—-your family. You KNOW these people WANT to poison you!!
Especially your grandma. She’s not going to go along with all your allergic issues.She cooks with BUTTER,GREASE and GLUTEN—and it tastes good, and YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SECONDS.
Even if you eat food that you think is “dairy and gluten free”, trust me, your grandma found a way to put butter and gluten in it.
“Do you like that pumpkin pie Brian?”
“UMMM—yes.You know Grandma, I’m lactose intolerant, so pumpkin pie is one of the few desserts I can eat.”
“Oh dear. There’s milk in that pie.Sorry dear. “
(Brian looks up at sky as he feels stomach begin to gurgle and screams in best Shatner voice )
So gone are the days that people can freely eat out with their family and friends. Yes pills and enzymes may help a little—but basically, for many of us, being forced into a situation where we have to “eat out” and we don’t know whats in the food has become a fearful event.
And that’s both funny and sad. The question we need to ask is Why are so many people so allergic to everything?
i’ll let you think about that.


  1. … and yet we are the healthiest we have ever been in the past, thanks in part to the food of today.


  2. Really Kenneth? Have you looked around at the people in the USA lately? If you have, I have to believe that you may have noticed that many of them are massively overweight, cancers are at an all time hi, more and more children are becoming diabetic or having developmental disorders like Autism—not to mention the rise in IBS/Colitis/Asthma and many other chronic diseases.

    So I’m sorry, I don’t see a nation of healthy people right now—I see a nation of people getting sicker and fatter every year—and one of the reasons for this is the genetic modification of our food and the pesticides used to grow that food.

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  3. Generally speaking, people say we are healthy because of todays medicine, when it’s the very medicine (not to exclude the very air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat) that is keeping us in the state of health we are in. *sarcasm*


  4. I agree Kenneth. I hear a lot of people trying to say that people are living longer because of vaccinations also. IMO, the main reason for longer lifespans since the 20th Century is the spread of indoor plumbing and hot water. If you think about it,as recently as the turn of the 20th century big cities were drowning in horse shit! There was very little indoor plumbing, hot water and no sanitation treatment facilities.

    Once these things were made more available, the lifespans of the average person started to go up. And yes, modern medicine/more advanced surgical techniques have something to do with that rise of the life expectancy—–but IMO, it was mostly the spread of indoor plumbing/hot water and sanitation that brought about an end to many diseases /limited the spread of germs etc.


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