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“Twas the day of the Superbowl and all thru the towns,
The people gathered in their living rooms to all sit and chow down,
They came and they gathered to watch the men wearing tights,
To see who would finally be the big winner that night
As players came out there were boos and cheers
This was it, at last! The final game of the year
Then the heated discussions began, in all these homes across the land
About who would be the victor—–and the betting began
And of course there was the food, all the chips and sweet treats
All the Beer and the soda, all the barbecue and the meats
But despite the love of sport, most of the fans could barely move,
They were a large group of beings who never walked, ran—- or danced a groove

Yet there they sat screaming, at the men down on the field
Yelling curses and taunts as they ate their never ending meal
“You SUCK” yelled one, as he drank his 8th beer
Another yelled “Jesus what kind of refs do we HAVE, this year?”
And all the while the women sat patiently in the back,
Cooking and cleaning , and occasionally bringing out snacks
To the men they loved, who were seated around the big screen
Burping and farting with sports jerseys,yelling words that were obscene
But then? It was halftime—Time for the show!
Dancers crowded the stage, it was all ready to go
Out came the entertainer, with horns on her head
As she danced and pretended to sing the words that she said
But there was lights! There were people, running all to and fro
And the music was loud! It MUST be a great show!
Then the game returned and the fans renewed their chants
At the referees,players, and cheerleaders with short pants
All in all quite a spectacle, it MUST be said
But when the game was finished—what then?WHAT THEN?
Had anything changed?Had things been improved?
All the screaming and passion—had the world changed, or been moved?
Well the answer dear reader , I’m sorry to say,
Is that nothing changed after the game that day
Some people burped louder, some fell asleep
Others went on their phones and preceded to tweet
They told their friends who won with a loud boisterous tone
As the fans of the losers went on Facebook—-and bitched—-and moaned
But the next day most of them grudgingly went back to work
For a boss they hated and knew was a jerk
So there lives hadn’t changed,but at least they could say
That they had a good time, on that previous day.

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