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Seeing all the Anti Russia propaganda resurface in recent times has been a most unwelcome deja vu. To hear the mainstream media talk, you’d think that “Russia hacked our elections’,” invaded Syria and Ukraine” and is basically threatening us and all our allies all over the world.

Well, I’m an American citizen, and I love my country—but I have to say, to all of those who are looking at Russia as “The new Threat to the world”—you couldn’t be more wrong.

Lets take the Syria situation as just one example:

It is the USA and the West that have created the problem in Syria and destabilized the country in an attempt to do “Regime Change”, not Russia.

This destabilization was done by funding and training ISIS fighters in Turkey and arming them with weapons from the deposed Khaddafi Government/military.

That’s right. The US/NATO are the ones funding ISIS. They are not a “grass roots organization”(Tho there could be actual terrorists mixed in the group with the rest of the paid mercenaries)
This is what Benghazi was all about. The Benghazi embassy was being used to run guns from Libya to Turkey to arm ISIS(Who were being trained in Turkey, a NATO ally)

These ISIS fighters would then sneak across the Turkish/Syrian border and cause chaos in Syria.
This forced Syria and eventually Russia to respond—-once Russia responded, they were promptly labeled as invaders by the western media, when in fact they are merely defending an ally(Syria)
Now the analogy for this is simple.
Imagine if Russia attempted to depose The Canadian government and brought in mercenary terrorist fighters to terrorize the Canadian citizens.
Now imagine the USA trying to defend Canada, an ally, and the Russian media claiming we were murderers and aggressors.
Now, flip that scenario around and you have  a similar situation to what the Russians are in with Syria. Capeesh?
BTW—The reason for all the interest in Syria? It is a satellite of Russia. Russia has a military base there and Syria is one of two countries where Russia has access to a warm water sea port..
(The other is Crimea/Ukraine—-see a trend here?)
Also, Iran wants to run a pipeline thru Syria so they can sell oil to the EU.
Why is this a big deal?
Because Iran does not sell their oil for US dollars——–so an Iranian pipeline to supply the EU is a direct threat to the US dollar/The western UK/US international banking cartel.
(This is the main reason why Iran is on our shit list as well.Not selling your oil for US dollars is something the cartel does not allow. Just ask Saddam Hussein, or Mr Khadafi.)
So as usual, the simplified explanations of these situations offered by the mainstream media are wrong and do not deal with the real reasons for what’s actually going on.

So before you jump on the “Russia is a threat” bandwagon, get yourself acquainted with whats actually going on over there.

The reason for demonizing Russia is simple—the financial system of the west collapsed back in 2009, and it has never really recovered despite what the Obama administration tried to tell us.
Thru out history, when the banking cartels economic system has been ready to collapse, the method they have always used to hide their responsibility for that collapse is to start a war with another country.
(This allows them to blame the collapse of the system on the war and to restart another system.)
So lets not blame the Russians for our problems. Our problems are being caused by OUR leaders—-not Putin and Russia.

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