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Back by popular demand,here, for your amusement(and possible head scratching and befuddlement) are some more “Crazy Questions No One Asks.”

1) I think most people would agree that “being hip” is not an easy status to achieve, or to define for that matter If this is true, then how can there be so many “hipsters?”

Ok, I’ll answer this one—–The answer is, there can’t be. It’s impossible, because most people are not “hip.”

2) If Homosexuality is genetic, then how is this genetic information being passed down? Think about it.

3)If women have “The right to choose” what happens to their bodies in regards to abortion & pregnancy, shouldn’t this “right” also apply to Parents who have children and vaccinations?

Don’t parents have “the right to choose” what happens to their children’s bodies?

(Hey, I’m just asking for a little consistency here.)

4) Many people who are believers in God often claim that “God has a plan for us”—-But, they often pray and ask God for things like better health,peace on Earth, help with the problems in their lives and so forth.

Now—— if God has “a plan for us”, isn’t praying(Which is basically petitioning him to change that plan) a waste of time?

Don’t both of these concepts contradict each other?

Does anyone think that if God “has a divine plan” that he would change that plan because YOU asked him to in a prayer? That seems pretty presumptious to me.

I’d like to think that if there is a “God” that “He”,”
She”,or “It”—-or “They” would be not only a lot smarter than we are, but consistent in the logic and methods used in setting up this reality. We’re either little puppets on a string acting out our lives according to “God’s grand plan”, or we have free will and things are just happening based on the collective choices we make.

You can’t have it both ways.  Pick a side.

5) Remember the drink “Tang?” You know, that horrible artificial version of orange juice that “the astronauts drink”—-does anyone still drink that stuff? Also, what is that made of?

(My theory is that its part sugar,part orange coloring and part nuclear waste)

6) Why is it so hard to stay awake during the day when you have things to do and so hard to get to sleep at night when you’re supposed to be sleeping? What kind of cruel joke is that?

7) Does being on screen/being filmed by a video camera actually “add ten pounds” to our appearance as we’re told? Or are we really just fatter than we think?

8) How do they get the caffeine out of coffee to make “decaffeinated coffee?” What kind of Frankenstein lab equipment does that take? Seems like it would be pretty difficult.

9) If the sun is 93 million miles away and almost a million miles wide, why can it’s image,light and so much of its heat be blocked by one small cloud in the sky? Shouldn’t its light be evenly spread out all over  the side of the earth its heating?

10) If we have all these drones flying around, why don’t we have flying cars yet? I want a flying car damn it!

11) Does anyone really think that Extra terrestrial beings from another world would actually care about us and want to help us? If they’re an advanced race, that would mean that they would be at the top of the food chain, which means they would be predators.Predators tend to not be very helpful to other animals—-I mean, look at us.We’re at the top of food chain here on Earth—-and look at how we treat other animals!

No, I think we better hope we never meet “E.T.”

12) Speaking of “Outer Space”: I have a question: How could anything with a “propulsion engine move thru “outer Space?”

Think about it: When you walk, you move because your feet are pushing against the ground. When you swim, you move forward because you are pushing against the water. When someone flies in a plane, the plane moves because the engines are pushing against the air—–so what are rockets in “Outer Space” pushing against?

Isn’t space supposedly a vacuum? Hmmmm?


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