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Ever since the new administration has proposed a replacement to the “Affordable Health Care Act” many groups in The American Medical Association have started to comment on it, and many seem to have grave reservations about this new plan.
As to be expected,their opinions were as diverse as their areas of expertise.
1) The American Dietary Association has recently commented that they were “concerned about the excessive cost of the current ACA”, but they have refrained from “weighing in” on the new Trump Bill.
2)Many Allergists thought it should be avoided, where as Dermatologists cautioned Washington “Not to make any rash moves.”
3)A group of Gastroenterologists have been lobbying Capitol Hill , pushing hard for the new bill. One lobbyist for the group(Who wished to remain anonymous) told various members of the Trump Administration that “It was time to go with our gut on this and stop holding back the process.”

4)Neurologists, on the other hand, have been almost unilaterally opposed to the new plan. One of the older members told me in confidence that “The current Administration has a lot of nerve doing what they’re doing. “
5)Meanwhile, Obstetricians felt certain everyone was “labouring under a misconception”, while Ophthalmologists “considered the idea shortsighted.”
But the discord over this new health care bill didn’t end there. Other groups from the AMA continued to chime in on the bill and fight over it’s merits.
6)There was no common ground between the Pathologists, some of whom were heard to have yelled, “Over my dead body!” in reference to the new Trump plan,while many Pediatricians insisted it was “Time to grow up”
7)Of course The Psychiatrists thought “The whole idea was madness”, while the Radiologists “could see right through it.”
8)Most Surgeons had no comment(Tho some were said to have “washed their hands of the whole thing.” )
9) Many Internists claimed “It would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow.”
10)The Plastic Surgeons opined that this proposal would “put a whole new face on the matter.”
11)The American Dyslexia organization claimed that they “Had looked at the new Trump plan backwords and forwards” but that “They still can’t make heads or tails of it.”

12)Podiatrists tended to walk away from the issue, not wishing to comment(Though some mentioned off the record that “It could be a step forward”) but Urologists were uniformly pissed at the whole idea, with many flooding the meetings with calls from Trumps resignation, claiming they “would stream all of their protests online.”
13) Anesthesiologists seemed to be the most unconcerned with the new Trump plan. Many claimed that the whole idea was “A welcome relief to all the pain the current system was causing”
14)Cardiologists have also tried to stay neutral on the issue, begging Congress to “Get to the heart of the problem as soon as possible”

But,in the end, it was the Proctologists who won out.
One was quoted as saying:

“We’re tired of all the shit coming out of Washington.”
Another proctologist who was even more cynical also commented on the situation:
“What does it matter? They’re all a bunch of assholes.””

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