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Hollywood makes a lot of zombie movies and TV shows—— but I have noticed there isn’t much variation to these shows, or the characters IN the shows. I mean, it’s always the same isn’t it? There’s a plague, most people get sick with this plague which turns them into mindless monsters who lose their minds and become cannibals.
Now 40 years ago, this was a fairly novel idea—but now, in 2017,I think this idea has more than run it’s course. In fact, if Hollywood is going to continue to make more zombie movies, I think they need to use their imaginations a little more and invent some new types of Zombies.
With this premise in mind,here are a few examples of some new “Zombie Storylines” that I think could give the whole “Zombie franchise” a little more life and provide more interest to the genre:
1)”Zombie nerds”—-A group of Star Trek quoting Rush loving Zombies take over a small town —-a town with no women.
2)”Hipster zombies”—a group of zombies takes over a thrift store in the Brooklyn area eating only people that no one likes or cares about.
3)”Emo Zombies”——These zombies kill by night,but feel really bad about it the next morning and cut themselves.

4)”Redneck zombies”—-They only kill illegal immigrants.
(“You took my jobbbbbbbb. URRRRRRRRR! chomp chomp—-however, they will spare your life if you have some good barbecue.)
5)”Vegan zombies”——oddballs of the zombie community, Vegan zombies refuse to eat people due to ethical grounds. They do bite the heads off of broccoli and cauliflower——-but no one cares. 😉
6)”Gay Zombies”—They kill only those who have no fashion sense.
(“Ok that sweater does NOT go with that shirt?” ARRRRRRRRRRRR chomp chomp)
7) “Pirate zombies”—–They don’t eat people—they just steal jewelry(AKA “Treasure”)and say “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”.
8) “Church Zombies”——-They also don’t eat anyone—but they “have faith” that they will—–someday.
9)”Jewish Zombies”——–They only eat people with bad credit ratings.
(“Believe me—I’m doin you a faaaavaaaaah.You’ve ruined your life with that baaaad credit raaaatingggggg——Hmmmmmmmmmmm” chomp chomp.
(Jewish Zombies don’t say “Arrrrrrrrrrr”—its not kosher)
10) “Amish zombies”——–they wont eat you if you’re near any modern appliances or if you’ve been vaccinated..
I could come up with more, but I think you get the point. If Hollywood wants the “Zombie Genre” to survive, they need to become more inventive with the whole “Zombie motif.”
Lets see if Hollywood can rise to the challenge .

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