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Are you as sick of NASA as I am? It would seem that more and more people are waking up to the giant fraud that has been perpetrated on us by this “Space agency” ——–from the faked moon landings, to all the fake mars missions with the fake pictures taken in Egypt and the Mojave Desert coupled with the endless stories about “Newly discovered planets”(With only CGI pictures and paintings offered as proof)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if NASA  finally came clean and told us the truth about what they, and Richard Branson and Elon Musk are actually doing in space—NOTHING?

Well yes—-it would——and I can think of no better person to make that “announcement” than NASA’s main spokesman, their new “Carl Sagan”, Astro physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

So here, presented for your amusement is the speech that all of us who are aware of NASA’s ongoing deception would LOVE to hear Neil make.—–the one we HOPE that he will make someday.

(We now go to our fictional press conference where Neil DeGrasse Tyson is ready to address the nation)

ANNOUNCER: “Ladies and Gentlemen? Here to make a major announcement—- May I introduce to you—-Mr Neeeeeeeil De Grasssssssse Tyyyyyyyyysonnnnnnnnnn! ”

(Loud applause)

NEIL :” Thank you Thank you!! What I’m about to say to you all is going to shock you. But rest assured, it is the truth, and I am not only speaking for myself , but for all my colleagues at NASA (looks around with serious face)

Now, Some of you have already figured this out and some of you will be shocked by what I am going to tell you. The truth is(Takes long pause, makes painful look upward)we have never been to space. (Crowd gasps) at least not “outer space”.

(looks down at floor, looks back up with tear in eye)

“That’s right—-all those pictures of the Earth and the planets? CGI. Composites. (More gasps)

And what about all those “Hubble Telescope shots? Of all those stars and galaxies?? Well———–there IS no “Hubble Telescope”, just like there are no satellites. All those shots you saw were all done on computers by some of the most advanced computer graphics experts in the world (Looks around smiles)

Hey they were pretty—weren’t they?

(A few people in audience nervously laugh, but most are in shock)

The truth is, not only have we never gone to space, the fact is(Takes long breath, looks down) we CAN’T go into space! (Becomes more agitated) And there’s a good reason for that. You see back in the 1950’s we discovered that there was, to put it simply——- “a barrier” up there! Some call it “The Van Allen Belts”, or “The Magnetic field.” In the Bible, it was called “The Firmament.” Think of it as kind of a “dome” that surrounds us.

The point is, WE CAN’T GET THRU IT.

(Some loud gasps are heard again, with a few cries of “Bullshit”)

NEIL: “No no no—-it’s not Bullshit. This is the truth.  To be honest, we don’t even know what the barrier is!! All our laws of physics break down when we try to breach that area.

(People have started to leave, shaking their heads)

“Some people think it might be a barrier between this dimension/3-d reality we call “Earth” and whatever is outside of this reality. But whatever it is,it surrounds us—and we cant go thru it/around it.”

(Neil, looking more flustered continues) “Let me put it this way: One way to think of it is to imagine that the sky up there is like the screen on your computer, and we’re all like the players inside the screen.We can move around inside the framework of that screen—but we cant go “Off the screen”. Get it?

(Some people have started to boo—others are looking at Neil like he’s lost his mind)

NEIL: “Look—if that is too confusing—just think of the Matrix. (People in the audience laugh)

“Now I know—i know alot of you are sitting out there syain” Well damn it Neil, why did you lie to us? Well——-we had a good reason!!  And here’s the thing: When we realized we couldn’t do it——–well—we just couldn’t bear to tell you!”

(Some booing, the crowd is getting unruly now, Neils voice gets more agitated)

“Now wait a minute—just think about it!  Everyone was watching all these space movies in the 50’s—and then there was “Star Trek”, and all the “Twilight Zone” episodes and then “2001 : A Space Odyssey”,”Star Wars”———

(Stops for a second ,Looks serious, almost to the point of tears)

I mean—–THERE WAS SO MUCH PRESSURE. Not to mention that when we discovered that  the heliocentric model was all wrong, that it proved that Kepler, Newton.Galileo, Copernicus and yes—even Einstein himself—were all wrong—-can you imaguine how we felt?

(The crowd is silent now)

NEIL:  “Now think about it: Had we made the announcement and told you the truth back then, there would have been total anarchy in the scientific world!!  Total chaos!! In fact, I doubt if many scientists would’ve even believed it!! So we made the decision not to tell you that we couldn’t go, and we faked it.Thats right—we faked the moon landings, the mars missions, Voyager—all of it. And hey—-didn’t it make everyone happy?

Think of all the joy we brought the world with the space program!!

Also——Think of how good you felt when you saw the Astronauts “walking on the moon”, or when “Viking” first “Landed on Mars”! These missions uplifted our country at a time when it badly needed it.

Also—–Think of all the scientific curiousity it inspired and all the technological development it caused!!

That’s gotta count for something people!

As to the deception, I have to tell you that naturally, only a few people at the top knew. The military compartmentalizes ALL these types of operations, and we were and ARE part of the military——so you don’t need to be hatin on all the nerds, or gettin all paranoid and thinkin that there was any huge conspiracy thru out the scientific community, cause I’m telling you, most of us didn’t know!!

The fact is——–most of us were fooled just like all of you were!

Like I said, imagine what would’ve happened in this world if we would’ve told people the truth!!!

Imagine if instead of going ahead with the Apollo missions, we would’ve said:

“Sorry folks, but there is no way we can go into outer space.Rockets don’t work in space, and there’s some weird force field radiation belt up there surrounding us that we have no idea how to penetrate. It would appear that the stars are just small crystalline objects embedded in this force field and we don’t even know WHAT the planets are, or WHAT the moon is because WE CANT GET THERE—Oh, and yeah, THE EARTH IS PRETTY DAMN FLAT.”

Would THAT have made you happy?

Well——I don’t think so.

Can you all imagine what affect that would have had on science programs all over the world? You think we would have had computers and cell phones and flat screen tv’s today if we would’ve said that 50+ years ago?

The answer isn’t no—-it’s HELL NO!

So please—please! Before you judge us to harshly,try and understand this from our point of view. I think you all would have done the same thing.

Anyways——–the gigs up, the secrets out. Many people have figured out that we here at NASA haven’t been exactly truthful with you———– and for that we are deeply deeply sorry.

We are also sorry for hiding the monumental accomplishments of the REAL genius of the 19th and 20th century who made so much of our modern technology possible—-I’m talkin about my main man, Nikola Tesla.

Now———– just to show you how much we here at NASA want to regain your trust, we will be publishing the FULL completed scientific discoveries and life’s work of Nikola Tesla.

You’ll be able to download the whole PDF file free of charge at our website, or if you want a hardcover book, you’ll be able to buy that on Amazon.

We are doing this because we want to show you that science CAN admit when they’re wrong. We also want to meet with all the leaders of the religions of this world and merge what truths they have with the truths we have an form one philosophy.

Its time for spirituality and science to unite together.It’s time
for this long war of “Science vs Religion” to end.

In fact, much of this deception happened because science wasn’t willing to admit they were wrong for fear of religion using it against us!

So again, we need to all start working together here.

If quantum mechanics has shown us anything, it’s that science DOES have at its core a spiritual component. True science needs conscious awareness to have meaning and validity.

So welcome everyone to the new age of awareness—-and yes, I’m just as scared as you are—-ain’t it great?

(Those still left in the crowd clap nervously at first, then with more gusto)

Thank you! Thank You. Welcome to our new World!~

(Crowd goes wild)
(Sigh——–I know———-Never gonna happen——- right? But I can dream, cant I? )




  1. Wasn’t he originally a comedian? No wait… that was the “other” guy.


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