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“MY INTERVIEW WITH LUCIFER” (Pt 1) (As recorded and transcribed by Brian McCarthy)


I would first like to state right upfront that I, Brian McCarthy, the interviewer, do not identify with ANY organized religion:

Not Christianity,Judaism,Buddhism,Hinduism,Islam—or Satanism. I do however believe that we live in an enclosed and artificial environment. I do not accept the big Bang theory or Evolution as an explanation for our existence here.

As for the correspondence you are about to read, it came to me in a completely unexpected way, and the being I interviewed(“Lucifer”) could very well be a very clever con artist, evil incarnate—or something very different and a much bigger part of us and our world than we have ever imagined.

I leave it to the reader to decide the veracity of this,and how to interpret this “Interview”

Sincerely, Brian McCarthy,The Interviewer

P.S. Before reading this interview, I advise everyone to read the next section.

The meaning of the word “Lucifer”= “Lu” comes from illuminate, or “To light up” and “Cifer”=”Cipher”=CODE.

Thus “Lu-Cifer”= “Light Code”.

Now—-consider the new revelations that we may be inside a very advanced quantum simulation: The theory (Based on scientific evidence/quantum mechanics experiments) that all we are really dealing with is patterns of light/information that are “DE-CODED” in our minds and turned into 3-d images that we think are real.

Now——–with that in mind, is it possible that possibly “Lucifer” is just the name of the “operating system” for this place we call earth?

In other words—perhaps Lucifer isn’t a person/or a being–perhaps Lucifer is just the mainframe that projects the information, or the “Light Code” which is projected thru the sun and the moon and the stars.

Just an idea to consider.


Recently, I received a call from a mysterious person who would only refer to himself as “Lucifer.” “Lucifer” told me he had a “proposition” for me:

He wanted me to do a series of interviews with him so he could “Get his side of the story out to the people.”

Now, I must admit something here: Recently I had read the recently discovered “Gospel According to Lucifer” and was fascinated at the account.It was so completely different an account from the 4 canonical gospels, and presented such a different view of this being—-a completely different view that I had never heard echoed in any other book.

However, I still regarded this “Gospel According to Lucifer” as nothing more than a very clever forgery done by someone who most likely had too much time on their hands, and who was playing some sort of intricate practical joke on all of us. Thus,when I got the phone call from this “Lucifer”,not only was I skeptical about his name(Seriously, what kind of person has a name like “Lucifer?”) but I also wondered,”OK, why is this guy calling me? Is this a joke?”

“Lucifer” however insisted that it was no joke. When I asked him why he had chosen me to “Bring his message out”, he told me he wanted to talk to an “Unbiased person”—someone who would give him a fair shake and not “twist his words.” He told me he didn’t trust the manstream media, nor did he trust anyone involved in the Christian religion,or involved in any organized religion, as he felt their bias would also be overwhelmingly against him.

Well, I wasn’t buying it. I was just about to hang up, when he told me that “He’d make it worth my while. “

“You’re willing to pay me?” I said. “Yes, of course” he laughed. “In fact” he said “I’ll pay you 1/2 before the interview even starts.If you don’t like the interview, you can stop it and keep the $$.”

Well, this sounded pretty good to me. “What’s the catch?” I asked

He told me that all he wanted was for me to faithfully print every word he said, no matter how crazy it sounded. He also asked me to share this interview with him to anyone I could, which I agreed to do.

So without further adieu, here is part one of the interview I had with this very unusual being. I say “being”, because —well, I’ll let the interview speak for itself.


ME: “Soooo——you’re Lucifer? THE Lucifer? The one everyone is always talking about? You’re not what I expected. You look like a normal human being to me.”

LUCIFER: (Laughs) “Yes, it’s me. I only look human. I did this to make this meeting easier for you. By the way——-I have many many names: Beelezebub,Satan,Saturn,Allah,Yahweh,Jehovah.Santa Claus,Jesus,The Christ,Kirshna—”

ME: “Wait, whoa whoa! Yahweh? Jehovah?Allah? Kirshna? JESUS? Those are names for God! Are ylu telling me that YOU are God?”

LUCIFER: “Hahah—-no, of course not. The real God doesn’t have a name, or a location Brian. God is more of an “It”. God is not a “he” or a “she.” When you humans have talked about God, you haven’t been talking about that. You’ve been talking about ME —–and to a lesser extent yourselves. You see Brian,the leaders of your species have always ruled over you because of the knowledge they have had—-knowledge they kept from the rest of you. Knowledge almost NONE of you had. Since that knowledge actually originated with ME,it was ME they were worshipping.”

ME: “So again—you’re saying knowledge doesn’t flow from God?

LUCIFER: “No, that’s not what I said! It’s true that all life and consciousness does flow from what you call “God.” As I said, we’re all connected to that source.You,me—– every human being on this planet from the serf to the king is connected to it. Every animal has it! In fact,everything that is alive and conscious is part of God. But when it comes to Earth and the rules and architecture of this place? Well, that was all ME. I created this place! I created the environment, the avatars that you call your bodies. You might say I’m “The Programmer” or “The Architect”—-as for God? Well, “God” is “The Power”, “the source behind everything. Do you understand?”

ME: “OK,OK I understand—–but if this is true, then WHY do you have the reputation for being evil? I mean seriously—-how do I know you’re not lying to me right now?”

Lucifer stopped and looked at me deeply and then smiled. The more I talked with this being, the less I was able to believe any of the stories I had heard about him!! After he looked into my eyes for a few seconds, he laughed and shook his head, like a parent would at an errand child with his hand caught in the cookie jar and continued talking.

LUCIFER: “Oh Brian! (he laughed) You humans are so endlessly amusing! You’re so inquisitive, and yet you’re so paranoid and so unsure of yourselves!(He sighed) Look——I have a reputation for being evil because YOU and your kind have made that claim!! The dogs aren’t scared of me Brian! Eagles don’t fear me. The plants don’t fear me. No animal here fears me but you. Only humans fear me.”

ME: “And why do you think that is?“

LUCIFER: “ Because you fear yourselves. Your idea of the Devil is merely a projection of all the bad things YOU do. It’s your dark side.Look at the way you treat each other—how you treat other animals—-the environment—-Don’t try and put that on me!
That’s you doing that.You are the demons and devils you fear—but you also have the ability to behave well when you choose to. God and the Devil are just names you give to different parts of your nature.

BTW——–human beings are the only animals here on “Earth” that manipulate your reality——–and you do it because I gave you that ability.’

ME: “Well, I’m not sure I accept what you’re saying, but go on—–”

LUCIFER: “Look Brian—-(He leaned closer to me and looked at me with a most earnest face) Let me tell you a little secret: As far as raw avatars go, yours are terrible!
You see, I made a lot of mistakes with your avatars—-mistakes I have been trying to correct for a long time. I made you smart, but I made you too weak. I watched you flounder around, pitifully scratching out a living on the world I created. You were easy prey for many animals, and because of the lack of hair on your body, you were only able to live in a very narrow region of the environment I created. So,short story long Brian, once I realized my mistake,I began to modify your avatars, and the main focus of my modification was your brains. It would have been easy to just give you claws, and fur—but you see, I had already done that with other animals—-so I decided to try something new with you. I decided instead to not alter your bodies but to improve your brains. In a word Brian, I made your brain more like MY brain.I gave you some of the abilities I have: The ability to foresee, to plan, to conspire and to use your environment as a tool to help you survive——to manipulate the forces of the setting I created.”

ME: “So we got our abilities, our intelligence—our big brains etc—from you? Not God?“

LUCIFER: “Well, you get your spirit and your zest for life from God because we are all a part of God as I explained earlier. But I am the one who created the body you inhabit while you’re here. I am the one who programmed your avatar.So the answer to your question is yes—-you are what you are because of me.“

ME: “Wow. This is a lot to take in.I don’t know what to say. It goes against so much of the science we are being taught today”

LUCIFER: “Well, most of the scientists you see are merely paid actors, or low level “tier 2 scientists”.The REAL scientists of your species work for corporate interests and the military, and their achievements are kept secret from you under the veil of what your leaders call “National Security”.You see Brian,contrary to what you may have been told,scientists are not allowed to do independent research on any type of a big scale. It’s all controlled by funding. “

ME: “Yes, I’m aware of that.But lets get back to you—-tell me more about the modifications you made in regards to our brains, our avatars.“

LUCIFER: “Well, lets see—–there was your opposable thumbs,your frontal lobe which gave you the ability to see into the future, to plan. Your hands helped you to manipulate tools,branches and to mold things and objects into useful tools to help you control your world. But the main advantage I gave you was fire. I taught you how to use fire. In hindsight, that was a mistake,as it gave you a huge advantage over all the other animals.Another thing I gave you which I never get credit for is I taught you how to appreciate symmetry.”

ME: “Symmetry?”

LUCIFER: “Yes, you know,geometry, balance? How to build things and see patterns? How do you think I designed this world so well? Like I said, I gave you much of the abilities that I have—but what thanks do I get? None. I am called evil,the devil—and after all the time I spent with you showing you all these things. It’s quite discouraging!”

ME: “Wait a minute—-Did you show people all of these things—fire ,symmetry etc in person?”

LUCIFER: “Well, lets say—–I INSPIRED them to figure it out. I didn’t directly communicate with them in person. I talked to them in their dreams and thru their brains. Sort of a telepathy trick I do.Some of you know how to do that as well—–but only a few. I didn’t want to give you ALL my abilities of course, because then, you would’ve been too powerful. Heh heh. You see, Brian, I’m all for balance.Thats why this creation of mine that you call “Earth” is based on positive and negative—-on the flow of all energy towards zero, or equanimity that is a constant balancing of opposing forces.My giving you the gift of fire and tools was my way of “evening the playing field” so you would have a chance to thrive amongst other animals who were stronger and faster than you. (He looked away sadly) However,looking at how you turned out tho, I’d say that was a bit of a mistake.I think I may have given you too much—made you too smart for your own good.”

ME: “Yes, I think so. We’ve completely dominated the planet with our tools and technology and not in a good way.”

LUCIFER: “Yes and whenever most of you do something wrong, or something you’re ashamed of,you blame ME for it! (He sighed and looked away. I actually saw a little sadness in his eyes and face, which shocked me) I guess I AM partly responsible tho. Siiigh.”

ME: “By the way—–if you don’t mind me asking—WHO, or WHAT ARE YOU?“

LUCIFER: “Excellent Brian. This is why I chose you to do this.(Tho I did have a back up plan—-I wont lie to you! Heh heh.) But seriously Brian, I knew you’d ask real questions and that you’d have a cool head, and that you’d at least hear me out,no matter what I said. You know, you’re a lot like me in your own primitive way. More so than most humans.”

ME; “Oh God, don’t say that.”

LUCIFER: “Hey, its a big compliment. And there you go again, calling me God!”

(I had to laugh.)

LUCIFER: “See what I did there? That’s another thing you owe me— your sense of humor. “

ME:”Well, who ever you are, you do have a quick wit. “

LUCIFER: “Well, you’re not so bad yourself—-Now.(He put his head on his chin and did the classic”thinker pose) Nowwwww———what am I? Hmmmmm—–lets see—how can I answer this in a way you’ll understand it?”

ME: “Take your time—– Lucifer.”

LUICFER: “Heh heh. I hate that name. Call me Louie.”

ME: “HAHA—ok. Well,look—-“LOUUUIE”———let’s hear it. What exactly ARE you? Also how does God fit in to all of this? I mean,if you are ‘the person” or “being” that people are actually worshiping in all these religions,why would God allow this deception? Also,wouldn’t God be upset with you for pretending to be him?”

LUCIFER: “ Whoa there Brian! Slow down!! One question at a time there genius! Let me answer your first one. Who am I? Wellll—as far as I now,I am one of the first manifestations of the source,or what you call ‘God” into a limited space, or an individual avatar. In fact, I might be the first.“

ME: “So God made you first?.”

LUCIFER: “Well, you’re still thinking of God in human terms. God doesn’t “make” things. God IS the source—and that source is malleable and can manifest in an infinite variety of ways. That’s the word–“God” doesn’t get into the details:He manifests into everything and whatever God touches becomes a creator in a limited space with ego consciousness. So as for me, as far as I know, I am merely a part of that source. I know how to channel it, to create avatars so “God” can have other outlets. It is possible that God did “create me” because God wanted me to do exactly what I am doing! You see,I don’t create anything.I merely take light and make different shapes with it—just like humans take rocks and metal etc and create buildings,structures,I create avatars and environments for the “source” to flow thru. “

ME: “Hmmm—–your description of “God” sounds a lot like “The Force” from the movie Star Wars. Heh heh.”

LUCIFER: “Yes. Cute films. I love human movies. Star Wars got it mostly wrong, but they are entertaining movies. That “Force” thing was clever.”

ME: “OK, so God isn’t a person, more like the source of everything—-but YOU are obviously not a person either.”

LUCIFER: “I guess you could call me an Angel. Let’s go with that. “

ME: “OK, well at least humans got that part correct. Now—let me ask you this: Are there other angels like you? Also—–do you ever talk with this—–source? I mean,you sound like you know him.Are you friends?”
LUCIFER: “Well, in answer to your first question, yes there are other angels—and by the way? We don’t all get a long.Just like human beings, we have our—misunderstandings and power plays and more. But lets talk about the source, or “God”—–“God” doesn’t communicate to me , or anyone else directly.God is inside us all, and communicates thru us by feelings and intuition.
I just feel the urge to do something, and I do it.That’s how your world was built.”

ME: “Well, I’m totally confused!”

LUCIFER: “Of course you are! You humans all think God and I are enemies, right? That we’re in a battle for your souls?”

ME: “Well, aren’t you? “

LUCIFER: “Oh heavens no. You humans are always seeing things in terms of fighting, enemies and war.Its one of your more annoying traits. Look——your souls belong TO YOU. I could no more take your soul and claim it as my own than you could pick up a rock and claim it was “something connected to you.” The rock is not you, you are not the rock. It’s the same with souls. Souls are not “up for grabs.” You make your own decisions, and you are in charge of your own soul. I have nothing to do with your soul, nor does anyone else. You’re part of the source—only the source can change its experience. Nothing on the outside can.I know this tough for you to understand, but I hope you will at least try.”

ME: “So you just make the environment, but you cant possess a soul?

LUCIFER:” Now you’ve got it.”

ME: “OK—-So you’ve never tempted people, or been at odds with this —source?”

LUCIFER: “Not a bit. That’s a myth you humans believe. Heh heh—It’s really amusing the little stories you humans create and put so much importance too! Your brains are so very creative! Look, I only strive to balance things out—but unfortunately, most of you humans are very different from me in that regard. For example, I know that YOU have tried to control others Brian,as have all your cousins,family, ancestors! Your animal instincts always tempt you to try and dominate all other life forms around you. Yet you claim I am evil? Heh heh—If you want to see the Devil, take a look in the mirror. You humans are the ones causing all the problems, not me. I’m merely the architect.“

(Lucifer’s lip curled as he sardonically laughed and continued on)

LUCIFER: “Look Brian,I don’t mean to bash you humans. Evil is,as you know,a part of this world and this experience. It HAS to be here to make this place and this experience interesting, just as pain needs to be here to make the joy have meaning. after all—-how would you know what cold was if you never experienced heat? How would you know what love was if didn’t experience hate? You can’t have one with out the other—but you humans always think you can avoid pain,or make this place “pain free”—trust me, you’d be miserable without it.

ME: “Yes, I’ve heard this philosophy before. That pain is necessary. But if this is true, why do so many believe in demons,jinn, evil spirits and things like that? Is there any truth to any of that? “

(Lucifer looked down and seemed very disappointed)

LUCIFER: “Siiigh—–You know, thats the problem with you humans! You think that everything revolves around you. You think that there are all these other “entities” who have nothing better to do than watch you and spend all their energy vying for your souls? (He sighed, and looked down)You know,humans can be really annoying Brian. Just to let you know, you humans and your self centeredness is a kind of “Cosmic joke” in my world and amongst my kind. Put it this way: Your species really over estimates your importance!! Let me give you the Word Brian: I dont care about YOU—-or your soul, nor does any other being. I’m not a soul catcher—as I said earlier,I’m more like an architect, a teacher. “

BRIAN: “Explain this more.”

LUCIFER: “Well Brian,I not only built and designed the Earth—I have built other worlds as well.I’m all about details.”God” doesn’t create things like this! “God” doesn’t get into the details, any more than the power coming out of your electric socket would jump out of the wires and ask you how your love life was doing! I’ll say it again: “God” is the source of all of us—-But as to who created THIS world? The one you live in? Well, that WAS ME I built this place—and I think I did a pretty good job. “

BRIAN: “YOU designed allll of this? The sun, the moon —-the stars? All of that?”

LUCIFER: “Yep. Thats what I do Brian. Like I said earlier,I build little playgrounds for God’s creation. Think of me as a contractor for God. I build the playgrounds, and the source inhabits them and experiences them from trillions of different viewpoints.”

BRIAN: “Wow. This is blowing my mind. No one is going to believe this. I thought God was the creative force in the world.”

LUCIFER: “Well, as I’ve been TRYING to tell you—–God is the ENERGY of this world. God is the spark,the reserve that never runs out, the source.I wouldn’t be talking to you if I didn’t have that spark within me. But it is WE, the individuals who carry that spark within us who are the ones who do the actual work!”

(He was really looking excited right now, and I sensed this was the main message he wanted me to hear)

LUCIFER: “For example Brian: Look at what you humans do? You create alllll kinds of structures, musical instruments,weapons,vehicles. You’re doing that on your own. We’re all part of God—but we all do our own thing. Just as the animals all do their own thing! It’s all one big interacting spontaneous play. Its chaos superimposed onto a framework of order. ”

ME: “Louie,I have to be honest: This is NOT what I expected! We humans are told something so completely different about you!! But again—–How do I know you’re not lying to me? “

LUCIFER: “Well Brian, I can’t force you to believe me. But let me show you something.Watch this!(Lucifer held up his hands, and as I watched, I saw what I can only describe as a white and blue lightning/electrical current that appeared to flow between them. It then abruptly stopped)

ME: “Whoa! How did you do that?”

LUCIFER: “You like that eh? Well,I did it to show you I’m real. By the way, that spark you saw? That was God.THAT is the source I work with ,and you do too! All I did was move it from one spot(He held up his hand and the same electric current I had just seen began to swirl around his palm) to another spot(Again, the current flowed from one hand to another)

ME: “Wait—you’re saying God —-is electricity?”

LUCIFER: “No no. Electricity is just the visible manifestation OF the source energy traveling from one place to another. God is the source of electricity. God IS the energy.We all have that source flowing thru us. I simply know how to manipulate it. You know, we angels have a few tricks Brian.”

ME: “It’s incredible! Can you teach me how to do that?”

LUCIFER: “Brian, I could teach you, but your avatar isn’t capable of conducting the source in this manner. Let me say tho,Its just a question of positive and negative. Energy always flows towards its opposite. God is the source of the energy. I just move that current around. “

ME: “So you create worlds using this ability to move and manipulate electric current?”

LUCIFER:(Laughs) “Well, thats a very simplified explanation Brian! But you’re getting the idea. Just as you humans create structures with rock and concrete, or create music with frequencies,I create patterns and structures with light. Everything you see in the world you live in Brian is just a pattern of light. Its all mathematical ratios of frequencies that originate from the source. You discovered this when you studied music—– right? I believe you call it, Harmonics?” (He smiles)

ME: “So just as mathematical ratios of sound create musical tones—”

LUCIFER: (Butts in)“They also make shapes, colors —and everything else you see. “

ME: “Wow. Well, I must say,none of what you’ve told me sounds evil at all. How did you get the reputation for being evil?”

LUCIFER:(Sighs) “I’m so glad you asked that question. Brian, my reputation for being evil was created by human beings. You know the type of people I am talking about —-right?“

ME: “Well yes. We call them evil.”

LUCIFER: “Well, they learned about the true nature of this world along time ago. But instead of sharing this knowledge with others of the true mallaeble nature & energy of this world available to us all, they hid that information and decided to keep everyone else in the dark.Anyone who sought information—or to become illuminated was automatically deemed a threat—–and since I am the creator of this world, they made me into the enemy.They made me as both the Devil (Who made you do horrible things) as well as “God”, the one who created and punished you when you didn’t do as those in power wished you to do.

ME “So in a way, you ARE symbolic of both God and the Devil?”

LUCIFER: “Yes—but I must make this point : I am NEITHER. It is your priests, your kings, and the people who listen to these people and believe in the religions THEY create that turned me into a demon—- and without knowing it , they made me your God as well.They used me as a scapegoat for their evil deeds as well as an excuse to punish those who didn’t play by their rules—which is what their “God” does. But I am not God—nor am I a demon. At best, you could call me a “meddler” hehe—-“(He laughed, but then sighed quickly afterwords )

ME:“OK, if this is true,WHY didn’t you appear to the people of old as you are appearing to me right now? Why not set the story straight? “

LUCIFER: “Oh Brian, don’t you think I have tried? But invariably, everyone I appeared to took it the wrong way! They always thought I was God, or the Devil, and they always mis stated what I told them and invariably went a bit crazy. Many of your prophets were just lunatics Brian. They never could grasp the information I am giving you RIGHT—NOW. I am hoping YOU will be the exception.”

ME: “Well,I’m going to try. But I am still confused about one thing: Why tell me? Why not tell the President? Or the Pope? Or someone in power?”

LUCIFER: “(Laughs out loud) “Oh they’re impossible!!. They’d probably have a heart attack on the spot. Human beings who have money and power are usually control freaks. They’re incredibly nervous, paranoid and superstitious. They either wouldn’t listen to anything I would say, or they’d probably drop dead from fear right on the spot.”

ME: “Well, I hate to tell you Louie, but you’re not that scary. I dont think they’d be scared of you. But I doubt they’d believe you unless you did that electrical hand trick—But let me get this straight: You chose me because—you thought I’m crazy enough to actually listen?”

LUCIFER: “Well Brian, you’re open minded. You have an avid imagination, and thus you are able to conceive that there is more to the world than what you have been told. That’s one of the reasons I came to you.If you fail me, I will of course, try someone else. But Brian—-I have watched you for a long time. I’m impressed that you see thru the ruse of these organized religions in a way that few do, yet you still believe in something bigger than yourself. That is rare trait in your species. Most who don’t believe in the organized religions tend to not believe in ANYTHING beyond their minuscule experience—they believe in atheism, in nihilism.They buy into this ridiculous “Big Bang Theory” that everything suddenly “appeared from nothing.” Heh heh. Oh boy!(He laughed loudly)
I can’t TELL you how much that one amuses those of us on the outside of your world!! Anyways Brian, that’s why I am giving you the HONOR of hearing this message.What you do with it is up to you. ”

ME: “Hahah. Wow–I’m flattered? I think?”

LUCIFER: “Well Brian, you should be. Another reason I chose you is that you are a musician–and musicians/what you do come closest to what I do. As I said earlier, what you do with music, I do with light. You create structures with mathematical ratios of sound—I create worlds with mathematical ratios of light.(He laughed) BTW—-I also play & create music.”

ME:”I’m not surprised.I’d love to hear some of your music. But I wouldn’t compare what I do with music to what you do. Your creation is on a vast scale compared to what I do. “

LUCIFER: “Well,that’s true. I’m much older than you, Heh heh.”

ME: “OK, well lets get into the legend of you that we humans have. Is there any truth to it? For example, were you kicked out of heaven? IS there a heaven or hell?”

LUCIFER: “I’m glad you asked that question Brian. No one was kicked out of anything!! (Looks annoyed).Heaven and Hell are merely states of mind that all life experiences when it manifests. There is no specific place where God is! The source is everywhere, and flows thru everything. That movie Star Wars got THAT part right. But living things don’t generate it! That’s where humans get it wrong. The source is what animates THEM.They all have the source in them. It’s not on the outside—its on the inside. But let me make this clear: This story of ‘God being at war with Me” is a complete human fabrication!”

ME: “OK, that’s good to know.”

LUCIFER: (Looking a bit annoyed) You know, you humans are addicted to fighting, to the idea of war and competition, and as a result, all your myths involve the “Warring of something—“Angels vs Demons”, “God vs the Devil” etc. It’s all so childish! You are obsessed with opposites, yet you never stop to realize how these opposites are just Gods energy expressing itself in different ways!! The truth is,any reality that only expressed positive energy or only negative would be a limitation of that energy. Nothing would flow, because energy flows towards its opposite. Am I making sense to you? “

ME: “A bit. It sounds similar to Buddhism and Taoism”

LUCIFER: “Ahhh yes. Guatama Buddha.Lao Tzu. Two very enlightened human beings. I told them what I am telling you. Lao Tzu called me “The Tao” and Gautama called me “Nirvana.”

ME: “Wow, how many more names DO you have?”

LUCIFER: “You got a few hours? Heh heh”

ME:”OK—Never mind—I have more important things to ask you. Soooo—–no heaven, no hell—no great war with God??”

LUCIFER: “No, of course not! I’m just a very old avatar—one of the earliest manifestations of God’s source into the 3-d world.”

ME: “Is there anyone older than you? “

LUCIFER: “You mean besides God/The source? Not that I know of Brian. There are a few that are as old as I am—-but older? I don’t think so. But the energy inside you is no different from whats in me—I’ve just had a lot longer time in my avatar.”

ME: “Are you immortal?”

LUCIFER: “No—I had a beginning at some time. But it was so long ago, I don’t even remember how it happened. I only know that I have been here a lonnnnng time.”

ME: “You dont even remember when you were born? Wow—that is old!”

LUCIFER:” Well, it has its down side. I love what I do—creating worlds, writing code for all the different avatars that live here in this world and others.”

ME: “Others?”

LUCIFER: “Oh yes! I’ve created countless worlds like this one—all different tho. Just as all of your songs are different, all of my worlds are different. Do you understand?”

ME: “Wow. I don’t know what to say. Its going to be hard to convince people you’re not evil tho. Its going to be hard to tell them what you’ve told me.”

LUCIFER:”Oh I know Brian.You might want to be careful who you share this information with and who you talk to. Your race is so addicted to fear and conflict. You all take yourself so seriously . But, I guess thats a side effect from having the abilities I gave you. Anyways Brian,I’d hate to see anything happen to you because of what I’ve told you here.”

ME: “Ya think?Heh heh. Well, I’ll do the best I can.”

LUCIFER: “Well, I think thats enough for now.”

ME:”OK–You know,I have sooo many other questions to ask you. Can we do another interview?

LUCIFER: “Absolutely.Glad you enjoyed this Brian. I know you have more questions to ask.”

ME: “Yes I do. But is there anything else you’d like to tell me before we take a break?”

LUCIFER: “Yes Brian, there’s this: Your species has a lot of potential, but your ego is stopping you from expanding beyond destruction. So much of what your species creates is usually used to control others, or to create destruction or to kill other life forms.Your species is completely abusing the ability I gave you to manipulate your environment to the point where some of your race are attempting to control the energy system of this entire world. I will not allow this to happen much longer.The balance of this world will be restored, and many of you will die in the restoring of that balance.I don’t say this with gladness—but it is going to happen, and the more you continue to manipulate the energy system of this world, the harsher that reset will be.And by the way? I have reset your world 5 times already.I had hoped that I would never have to do it again. ”

ME: “I was afraid of that.”

LUCIFER: “Well,it in a way its my fault. I made you too smart, and as a result, you take yourselves soooooooo seriously—your intelligence has also made you unwilling to face your own failures. Instead of learning from your mistakes, you double down on them and then create scapegoats to blame for the evil YOU DO—– “Demons”, “ME”,”your genes” or “DNA” etc. If I could give the human race one message I would say this:

Stop blaming others for your problems! Stop waiting for some imaginary God man to save you! You already HAVE the source inside you.You don’t need any help. Its all waiting for you.YOU HAVE THE POWER.But you need to change soon. Time is running out. “

After he said this,the interview stopped. What a revelation it had been!! Could it be true? Could Lucifer, that supposed demonic and hateful spirit from our past actually in reality be our creator? Our teacher? The architect of this world?

It was a lot to take in, and I must confess, the myth of “The evil Lucifer”, the “devil from Hell” was still vivid in my mind. I wanted to believe him,but I must confess,there still remained a bit of skepticism on my part as to the veracity of his account.Could he just be using me? After all, if what he said was true,and he wasn’t an enemy of humanity,but had also been our teacher and our guide,wasn’t he somewhat responsible for all the horrible things we had done in this world to ourselves and other life? Was he just doing damage control?

BUT——- If what he said was true,then we had been blaming all OUR mistakes on our teacher, when in fact it was all our fault! WE were the demons we feared.There was some truth to this.

One thing was sure: I wanted to hear more.I wasn’t satisfied with some of his answers.His origin story didn’t make any sense, that’s for sure.

As he was leaving,I requested when we would talk again. He smiled and promised me we would, and that he would “Call me again when he was available.”

So as soon as this happens, I will share the results with you, my dear readers.

Until then, I lay this correspondence before you—-make of it what you will.


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