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1) Evil minorities can only thrive with ignorant and apathetic majorities.

2) Intelligence=the ability to foresee the future based on present actions & events.

3) The older you get, the more annoying people younger than you become.

4) I hate misleading titles—-take “strip malls” for example. Why do they call them”Strip Malls?” I’ve never seen any strippers! No ones getting naked in these places. There are no strip clubs at a strip mall—to be honest,it’s false advertising.

If you think about it, REAL“Strip Malls” would be quite a phenomenon! People would work out so they would “Look good naked” when they “went to the Strip mall.” People would be saying things like:

“I hate stripping—but I love the bargains!”

You’d have all kinds of exhibitionists there.

Of course a lot of people who no business being naked in public would be there as well, in all their glory.

Then you’d have the people who were too embarrassed to strip or were religious etc—they would be picketing them,protesting outside,carryting signs.

“Nakedness is wrong and against God!” and “Strip malls are sinful” etc

It would be a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

5)A NASA spokesperson finally admitted that “We can’t fly into outer space” When asked why that was the case,the spokesperson replied: “We can’t get past the Van Halen belts.”

6) Why do they call them “twin sized beds” when barely one person can fit in them?

7)I wonder:Do Chinese people go to Jewish restaurants on Christmas?

8)Chickens don’t have nipples—so how can they have breasts?

9) It never ceases to amaze me that people take “the Flu Shot” hoping theywon’t get the flu. Think about it: If it prevented the flu, wouldn’t it be called an anti-flu shot? WHY would anyone think the “FLU shot” would prevent them from getting the flu?

Its a FLU SHOT folks. FLU is right in the name.

Taking a flu shot and “Hoping you don’t get the flu is like drinking beer so you wont get drunk”
Worried about getting sick? Forget the flu shot. What we need is the ANti Flu shot.


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