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Centrifugal force disproves the globe and the Spinning Earth/”gravity” BS. Here’s why:

We are told that the reason the oceans don’t fly off the earth as it spins is because of the Earths gravity—correct?

We are also told that gravity is why the earth is a ball—because “everything is being pulled towards the center, thus gravity makes matter spherical—correct?

Well, there is one big problem with this theory.

On a spinning ball, the centrifugal force will ALWAYS be strongest at the equator of “The ball”

If you doubt this—-Think of your experience on the merry go round—if you stood near the center, you could barely feel the centrifugal force of the moving merry go round.

But if you stood near the edge of the merry go round as it moved, you had to hold on for dear life to keep from being thrown off.

The same is true of any spinning round object , flat or spherical.

Now if gravity is a CONSISTENT force, it would HAVE to be strong enough to overcome that centrifugal force at the strongest point near the equator—correct?

BUT, if gravity is consistent as we are told, then as you moved away from the equator, you should feel the gravity pulling you down more and more as there would be LESS and LESS centrifugal force to counteract the pull downward. Capiche? 😉

But that is NOT what we experience.–is it? LOL No it is not.

On this earth, you weight the same at “The equator” as you do at the North pole—-AND there is also no perceptible difference in how the stars move over head, despite the fact that in theory, you would be barely moving on a spinning globe if you were on TOP of it or “At the poles” versus “At the middle/the equator”

So you see, the whole idea of gravity holding the oceans to the sides of a spinning ball is disproved by the obvious fact that we do NOT weigh anymore at the “equator” then we do at the poles—something that would not be the case if gravity was indeed counteracting the force of a spinning globe.

(Drops mic. Walks away)


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