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1)Belief is the enemy of knowing.

If you know, you know—if you don’t you don’t. There is no “Believe” —believing in something is unnecessary if you know, and dangerous if you don’t.

2) We’ve all heard the saying “Wow—that scared the living daylights out of me” —

Question: What exactly are “living daylights”—-and how did they get inside me in the first place?

3) If you are offended by a joke, you’re wasting anger—-you need to save your rage for the things that count.

4)Getting tired of all the fake apologies.Stand by what you say or don’t say it! Ya wusses—–

5)We used to have “Free speech.” Now? We have “Fee Speech.”

6) Reality=Why people love mind altering drugs

7)”Twitter—where famous people go to lose their careers”

8) “Facebook—-where people go to lose family and friends and make new friends they’ve never met.”

9) “If you have never heard of Nanotechnology——-look it up. Its one of the biggest fields in science. Forget “Outer Space”—real science is exploring inner space. #NanoTech

That’s where the action is.

10) The American motto for 2018: “We love to get angry about things—as long as they’re not important!”

11)I hereby issue myself a pardon for all musical mistakes—-past,present & future.

12) I don’t think people ever “grow up”———-they just pretend harder.

13) If you dont like my FB postings,I refer you to my outside counsel. (If you dont like them, you’re out of luck, cause my inside counsel guy is a real asswhipe. )

14) “Its all just a conspiracy theory—if you believe it”

15) “My musical goal: To suck less today than I did yesterday.”

16) Isn’t it amazing how everyone who crosses the Clintons commits suicide? Hmmmm. Must be a coinqidink!!!

17) Human beings are programmable, much like computers. Like a computer, if a human being has a bad “file-system format” (conditions during a child’s formative years), a bad “operating system” (Culture), and bad “software programs” (erroneous, rigid and dogmatic beliefs), their “output” (behavior) onto the “screen” (Life) will also be bad, and will contribute to deteriorating conditions on a mass scale.

Like a computer, the behavior of a human being will largely depend upon its programming (the quality of the information put into it, which enables it to process and create efficiently).

Garbage In: Garbage Out.
Quality In: Quality Out.

18) You can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet—- This is why we need a resource based economy/financial system . Debt based system based on infinite growth=The destruction of our world.


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