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“I remember when living life was more important than being on the phone and being online all the time—- I remember a time before social media when being w/friends, being outdoors, going to parties and seeing live music was the way people interacted—– I remember when people wanted to hear new music and didn’t revel […]


“Again,Mine is yours and your mind is mine Like darkest dreams, this love has no time Again,dark thoughts scattered, like leaves in the wind under a frozen sky ,that had never been I collided with you and hearts decided To merge together,not remain divided Like a soul that had finally found its rest Like a […]


Remember those adds for Dentyne gum? (“4 out of 5 dentists recommend Dentyne for their patients who chew gum”) I seem to remember a similar statistic for Crest tooth paste as well. But one thing always made me think—who was that mysterious “5th dentist” who DIDNT think chewing gum was good for their patients teeth? […]


“WHY DOES SUPERMAN HAVE A CAPE?” We all know that Superman is a fictional creation and a rather ridiculous one at that. I say that because unlike most Superheros, we aren’t given much explanation for HOW he does what he does. We don’t know how he can fly, or why he can fly, or zap […]