Brian McCarthy


This is one of the funniest stories/ absurd situations I have ever been involved in and so I felt compelled to write it down and share it with you all. Back some time in 2010, I was driving home in an unusually foul mood. You know: cursing people, life, myself—-no one was spared. As I […]

“MUSIC” (A Poem)

“I don’t speak much Spanish, or Russian or French I don’t speak pig latin, and I dont speak wench I don’t work with nails,hammer or a drill My language is music and I speak it well When people have failed me, my music was there It took me away from all my problems and my […]


“THE LIST OF NAMES” You ignored it at your peril, Now soon, it’ll be revealed It’ll turn this world completely upside down But for now, it remains concealed First, it will bring with chaos, Next, there will be blame And that is when, it will come forth To read the List of names The list […]


When you look at the cities human beings create, they are filled with straight lines, squares and rigid geometrical shapes. But when you look at nature, you see curves and wiggles and asymmetries everywhere. Perfect shapes are the exception, not the rule. When you look at the devices human beings create ,there is a forced […]


“Raucous and shrill is the never ending grist for the mill Nervous voices, telling of doom and disaster How “The world will end soon”, how “we’ll all die faster” But then I go outside, and all is peaceful I see no dire signs,just people being heedful Of signs and stops ,looking at phones and clocks […]


“As the waves relentlessly crash in on my little boat I struggle at sea, just trying to stay afloat I want to have hope that the shore will be near Or that some other rescuer will soon appear But as my stores of food grow smaller and smaller I see my shadow, grow taller and […]


“Words can be like knives Hurting and leaving deep scars behind We try to move on,we try to forget But its easy to remember those words and regret Wanting to win at any cost You won the argument and then find you lost The closeness you had, now the bond is strained Even the good […]