“Again,Mine is yours and your mind is mine Like darkest dreams, this love has no time Again,dark thoughts scattered, like leaves in the wind under a frozen sky ,that had never been I collided with you and hearts decided To merge together,not remain divided Like a soul that had finally found its rest Like a […]


“Some were born to sway the heart, Others to sway the mind Others were born to lie and cheat The restless, hurtin kind Which one you are, depends upon, the beast you feed within Do you have the Mark of Cain?, The face of those who sin? So often we find,those of unclear mind Will […]

“PROPER FACEBOOK POSTING” (A Note from Dr Eddy Quette”)

“Just a little note ,from an esteemed doctor To make sure your Facebook postings are correct, and proper When posting on Facebook, or any social media, Don’t be too factual—save that for Wikipedia Post something fun—post something dreary, Post something silly, laughable, or cheery— Post about wine, women and song— Post something dirty—but keep your […]

“A MISSION” (A Poem)

“It appears I have a random directive, To enlighten and uplift ,with humor and invective, Not to confabulate, or discombobulate,or to use deception But to provide information, laughter and perception With knowledge spawned from perspiration and dedication, I will share here with you, my mental gyrations Not for a fee, or a shekel, nor applause, […]


“Twas the day of the Superbowl and all thru the towns, The people gathered in their living rooms to all sit and chow down, They came and they gathered to watch the men wearing tights, To see who would finally be the big winner that night   As players came out there were boos and […]


“Twas the night before the election, and all thru the land, Everyone was arguing, every woman—-every man “The Country’s in Trouble”, said those on the right As they looked at the flag and shivered in fright “That woman is horrible, she should be in jail” (Said the man with “The Trump Sticker”on his red white […]


  “What’s the what? Where’s the where? Who’s the who? Does anybody care? When’s the when? Why’s the why? See the See. The there is there. So that’s the that—The now is now. Before was before. Allow,allow. Open the open.Close the close. Run the race—-see how it goes. For today is today—No worry no fear. […]