“THEY LAY SOME MEEEEEAN PLUMMMMINNN” (A autobiographical story by Brian McCarthy)

Back in the year 1990, I was performing in a duo with a woman named Janet Foos. (She played Keyboards and sang, and I played Guitar and sang.) At one of our first gigs,we were playing in the Seattle/Tacoma area for a mostly white older crowd.(I don’t remember the venue, but I think it was […]


  For your reading pleasure, here is a humorous short true story  about a “test of wills” between a father and his 3 yr old son: One day in the late 1990’s I was visiting with my son on a lay over between one of my cruise ship gigs. I rarely got to see him, […]

“LAILANI——HE WILL COME”(My “7/11 story”)

Since tomorrow is July 11, or “7-11”, I thought I’d share with you my story about a real life “APU” that I worked for in my very short stint as a “7-11/Quickie Mart employee”. One of my favorite characters on “The Simpson’s” is “Apu”, the manager of the “Quickie mart”(The “7-11”) One reason for this […]


Every performer knows the horror of dealing with people who forget to turn their cell phones off, and as more and more people feel the need to have their cell phones on and be “chceking them” at all times, this problem is becoming more and more of an issue for those of us who are […]


Back in early 2010, I was performing in Austria, and I decided to take a walk and go get some stuff at the Austrian “food mart”. While I was in line at the store paying for some groceries,the guy you see in this picture with me walked by the entrance and looked in, looked at […]


Ever wake up in the morning and realize you forgot to put the garbage out the night before “Garbage day??” It is truly one of the scariest “non life threatening moments”  a person can have! Anyways—–here is my story: It was around 5:30 am when I woke up this morning that the realization hit me: […]

“RHAPSODY IN CRUISE”(Based on a true story)

In the spring of 1999, I was a pianist/singer on board the Carnival Cruise Ship “The MS Imagination.” This was a ship that frequently visited the tropics and it was SPRING BREAK. It was in this crazy setting that one of the most amazing events in my career took place. The night started out as […]