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OK,before you get out your pitchforks and prepare to skewer me alive and roast my carcass on an open flame, just let me say that I think all of you reading this are wonderful marvelous people,who are all brilliant and sexy and I love you all.

Now—-lets get to the point:
In recent times it seems the world has gone mad. It seems like every day there is another mass shooting, or someone running people over in a car, and so forth.
Most people see these reports in the news and automatically respond with emotion and dismay—of course. Most of us have empathy and we all can relate to how horrible it would feel to experience the loss we are being told about.
But what if I told you that these events were not real? That they were being staged?
Well, most people react with disbelief—some with anger. “Have you no heart? People DIED maaaan. Show some respect.”
Ahhh—but DId people die?
Well, if we are to believe what we hear on TV, they must have—right? The TV news people would never lie—right?
Well, now we separate the adults from the children. If you believe EVERYTHING you hear and see on TV, well, stop reading this right now. I need to talk to the skeptics right now—so if that’s not you, well, please don’t read anymore, and please don’t comment on this post, ok? Thank you.
OK—now , for the rest of you:
The question is , could they be faking these events, and if so why?
Well,lets look at the data. As Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes once said:
“It is a capital mistake to theorize without data. Invariably one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
And I’m sorry—someone telling me that something happened, especially the corporate news media, is NOT a basis for any type of conclusion! If people really ARE “shooting up schools” and “running people over with cars”, this is something we have to be ABSOLUTELY sure about.
So lets look at some circumstantial evidence.
1)DRILLS: Time and time again, we find out that when there is a “Mass shooting” reported on TV that there was also a drill taking place that usually involved preparing for the EXACT incident that is being reported on.

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The greatest fear any human being has is dying. We all know its going to happen, and we all want to avoid it as long as we can. This fear is so great that we impose it on everything around us—our games,songs and stories all have “beginnings and endings” and yes, even our idea of reality as a whole has falling victim to this.
Some of us concoct belief systems to “Ease the pain” of our passing and to quell this fear. Some of us bravely try to face our supposed annihilation—-but no matter what we believe, the fact is, no one knows what’s going to happen when our bodies give out—and as human beings don’t like to be “Out of control” the thought of death causes fear—and this fear has been used against us by the more clever and crafty of our species and that needs to end.
But how does one conquer the fear of death?

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Every year on Feb 14, there is a holiday whose whole purpose seems to be to remind people who are in a relationship to “Show how much they’re in love” and to remind people who are single how horrible and lonely they are.It has to be one of the worst holidays ever, and has caused untold stress on people both in and out of love and it needs to end for so many reasons.Here are a few:

REASON #1:If you’re in love with someone,you feel that way about them EVERYDAY.You dont need a “special day” with “societal pressure” put on you to show it.Its redundant.And its very “Junior hi”, isnt it?

“Look at us! We’re so in love.I’m with HIM.—Or She’s with meee! Don’t you wish YOU were in love like WE are? ” Continue Reading »

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Ladies and gentlemen! I have to announce that I have just obtained a secret video recording from one of my anonymous sources of an emergency meeting held at the DNC. They were discussing “The Problem of Donald Trump” and how best to destroy him.
As I watched & listened to this tape, my jaw dropped as I saw so many famous politicians and entertainers voicing their concerns and proposing solutions to how to neutralize our President—and I felt that this information was so important that I have taken the time to transcribe it for you here, to the best of my ability. My friends, I think you’re going to be as astounded as I was when you read this account of what just took place at the DNC. From what I saw in this video ,our president may be in serious jeopardy based on the angry vitriol and diabolical schemes I heard coming from these prominent men and women.
(WARNING: Some of the language and behavior I describe in this transcription are not suitable for children. The readers discretion is advised.I will skip the unimportant parts and only print out the important statements I heard. Let us begin)
(Scene:Headquarters of the DNC—Senator Chuck Schumer is walking around with a giant top hat and a long cigarette holder, looking very much like “The Penguin” from the Batman series. He approached the podium and began banging on it with some sort of gavel)
SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER: “Waaahk Waaahk! QUIET! Everyone take your seats. We dont have much time!”
(Everyone in the room scuttles for a seat. I see many famous stars and politicians: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters,Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Rep Joe Kennedy and John Kerry. I also see many famous actors and musicians/singers: Cher,Woody Allen,Oprah,Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus,Robert DeNiro, Rachel Maddow, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough—just to name a few.)
SEN CHUCK SCHUMER: “Alright you idiots, be quiet! QUIET! WAHK WAHK!”(starts jumping around hitting the stand with his umbrealla. Everyone stops talking)
SEN CHUCK SCHUMER: “Alright look —-as you all know, we have a serious problem. TRUMP IS STILL HERE! Wahk Wahk Wahk!And if that memo gets released, we’re ALL in a lot of trouble! Now—anyone have any ideas on what we should do about this? ” ”
(Everyone in the audience is booing except Oprah, who is in the back eating something out of a big bowl)
NANCY PELOSI: “I say we pht pht”(She stops talking and starts moving her mouth in strange ways)
SEN CHUCK SCHUMER: “Well thats great Nancy. Still having trouble with the dentures eh? You old DING BAT! SIT DOWN!”
NANCY PELOSI: “But I had sometht tht—tht”(someone sitting next to her pulls her down as Nancy continues to fuss with her teeth)
SEN CHUCK SCHUMER: “Is there anyone else? “(He looks at Rep Joe Kennedy, who is frantically waving his hand) “UGH. Anyone else?”
REP JOE KENNEDY: “Now Chuck?”(Wipes drool off his face) I think —that we—as americans—are better than this. I think—that we—–can make a choice—–for love—or fear. I think—this is the message(wipes away a tear) we need to put OUT there(voice goes to a whisper)that the people(Loud whisper)NEED TO KNOW.”

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1) Just realize that no matter how hip you think you are right now, in 25 years, there will be younger people laughing at your pictures, and anyone else who looks like you. Time has a way of making everything cool today cheesy in the future.

2) What’s up with all the long shorts? And who the hell came up with this name,”long shorts?”
These two words mean completely the opposite of each other.You never hear anyone talk about “a big small glass” do you? Or a “slow fast car?” Eh? EH? Hello?McFly? No, you don’t! So if you have something called”shorts”, they should, in theory, be SHORT, correct? Eh? There shouldn’t be any thing “Long” about them.

The word “Long” should not appear in the vicinity of “shorts.” In fact, “shorts” USED to be “short”—now? They are long. In fact, they’re almost pants. They’re “Short pants—— “ Continue Reading »

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“MY INTERVIEW WITH LUCIFER” (Pt 1) (As recorded and transcribed by Brian McCarthy)


I would first like to state right upfront that I, Brian McCarthy, the interviewer, do not identify with ANY organized religion:

Not Christianity,Judaism,Buddhism,Hinduism,Islam—or Satanism. I do however believe that we live in an enclosed and artificial environment. I do not accept the big Bang theory or Evolution as an explanation for our existence here.

As for the correspondence you are about to read, it came to me in a completely unexpected way, and the being I interviewed(“Lucifer”) could very well be a very clever con artist, evil incarnate—or something very different and a much bigger part of us and our world than we have ever imagined.

I leave it to the reader to decide the veracity of this,and how to interpret this “Interview”

Sincerely, Brian McCarthy,The Interviewer

P.S. Before reading this interview, I advise everyone to read the next section.

The meaning of the word “Lucifer”= “Lu” comes from illuminate, or “To light up” and “Cifer”=”Cipher”=CODE.

Thus “Lu-Cifer”= “Light Code”.

Now—-consider the new revelations that we may be inside a very advanced quantum simulation: The theory (Based on scientific evidence/quantum mechanics experiments) that all we are really dealing with is patterns of light/information that are “DE-CODED” in our minds and turned into 3-d images that we think are real.

Now——–with that in mind, is it possible that possibly “Lucifer” is just the name of the “operating system” for this place we call earth?

In other words—perhaps Lucifer isn’t a person/or a being–perhaps Lucifer is just the mainframe that projects the information, or the “Light Code” which is projected thru the sun and the moon and the stars.

Just an idea to consider.


Recently, I received a call from a mysterious person who would only refer to himself as “Lucifer.” “Lucifer” told me he had a “proposition” for me:

He wanted me to do a series of interviews with him so he could “Get his side of the story out to the people.” Continue Reading »

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Formed in the late 80‘s, “The Antidote” was a band made up entirely of pharmacists who all loved the music of Robert Smith and the Cure. As I researched this band,I soon found out that their shows were always packed—–and I was soon to find out why..
As I talked with Terry Needle, the lead guitarist and founding member I finally got to ask him what the secret was to their success.
“Well Brian” he said laughing and smiling as he talked,”We not only love the Cure—we want to BE the cure. That’s why at every show we do, we promote vaccines and new medicines .We sing about them, and then, when the show is over,we hand out free samples.We just love helping people!”
As I looked at his smiling vacant face and vacant eyes, I realized why “The Antidote” was so popular. Any band that would give out free pills would naturally get a full house every night, regardless of how good their music was!
Unfortunately, this policy of the band of handing out free pharmaceuticals got them in a lot of water when people became ill after their shows. A few overdosed on Xanax after one show in New York, and several died after combining alcohol and ambien.This led to a lawsuit filed by the families as well as criminal prosecution, which put an end to the bands short lived career.
In fact, as I write this,Terry Needle and the rest of the band are now serving life sentences for involuntary manslaughter.
122) “NAUSEA”
Formed in Birmingham, “Nausea” had its beginnings in hatred of all things Morrissey.
“I always hated that git” Said Drummer and founder of Nausea Jimmy Ruffstone. “Everything about him just makes me want to smash his face in. His music, his political views.Just a complete wanker.”
When I asked him how hating someone could lend to the formation of a band, he said
“You’d be surprised how many people hate him over here. I figured if I could put a band together of people who hated him, we’d always have something we could all agree on, and that would help unify the band and create a loyal fan base. “
Well it turns out that hatred of Morrissey HAS indeed “unified the band” and made them quite rich as well and gained them a very devoted following. In fact,even after 20 albums ,they still have quite a following in The U.K.

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