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Siiigh—We’ve all done it: We’re in the middle of a solo, or a melodic line, and we hit a bad note/or sing a bad note/voice cracks etc UGH. So painful right?

“Oh well” we think, maybe no one heard it.

Sadly, some times this is the only thing you can do when you screw up. This is especially true if you are playing a famous melody that people are familiar with, and you hit a wrong note?

Well—you’re basically stuck with that mistake.

But even then, in the most “rigid” music situations there are ways a wrong note can be fixed, and even made into something great—and there a few easy tricks that you can do to make that bad choice into one that doesn’t sound so bad, and in some cases might even sound better than the one you were trying to hit. Lets look at a few easy ones:


On piano, this really works well. Its an easy fix, even in a famous song when you are playing in a major key—-If you listen to Mozart, you will hear that he made these ” Mistakes” part of his style. In fact , many of his most famous melodies have spots where he seems to have hit a wrong note—-and then Mozart moves it up one half step and you go “Ahhhh—that was nice.”

This method Mozart used is similar to the technique many country western and bluegrass players use—like Mozart,they outline major and minor chords and play the “Off notes” as a way to bounce rhythmically from one chord change to the next.

I am pretty sure Mozart’s use of this technique  came from his experiences playing for people often at a young age.

Another musician who discovered this trick(but in a very different way/different style) was Charlie Parker. Continue Reading »

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1)Belief is the enemy of knowing.

If you know, you know—if you don’t you don’t. There is no “Believe” —believing in something is unnecessary if you know, and dangerous if you don’t.

2) We’ve all heard the saying “Wow—that scared the living daylights out of me” —

Question: What exactly are “living daylights”—-and how did they get inside me in the first place?

3) If you are offended by a joke, you’re wasting anger—-you need to save your rage for the things that count.

4)Getting tired of all the fake apologies.Stand by what you say or don’t say it! Ya wusses—–

5)We used to have “Free speech.” Now? We have “Fee Speech.” Continue Reading »

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So many people seem to have been in failed marriages, or have had one bad relationship after another—“Why?” they say–“What’s wrong with me?”

Well, I would submit it is our culture that is making it harder and harder for relationships to succeed in this day and age for a multitude of reasons, but two in particular:

1)People have more options/it’s easier for people to cheat
2)No one is sure of their roles anymore.

Now many would say that #2 is a good thing, and that it was good that these “Roles” are gone and that we have more options—well— yes and no.

Yes in that those “expected roles” did limit people—but when people knew what was expected on them, it made it more likely for long term relationships to work.

The stats bear this out. Marriages lasted longer and divorce was rarer in the old days—Doesn’t mean everyone was happy! Far from it! Continue Reading »

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USA TODAY STORY: “Today musician Brian McCarthy pardoned himself for all musical mistakes past ,present and future—and many musicians are not happy with it.

Classical pianist Gaspard Ritardando immediately issued a tweet blasting McCarthy for his musical arrogance.

“Zis is intolerable!! In zee great music? Zer must be nooo mistake!! The notes in the hand must equal the notes on the score. That’s it!! On zis there can be NO Debate! Mr. McCarthy has no right to make such a claim. What a terrible man!”

Producer Jackie Protools had a different take on Mr McCarthy’s strange comment:

“Well, Mr McCarthy can make all the mistakes he want—but if he records with me, I will make him do it right, or autotuned him into perfection.”

But not all in the musical community were opposed to McCarthy’s bold statement. Jazz musician Sticks Mackenzie was extremely supportive of McCarthy’s stance writing in his musical column:

“Real cats turn mistakes into purrrrfect moments baby. That’s why they’re called cats. You dig? They always land on their feet. Brian don’t need no pardon. He just needs to turn those clams into beautiful jams baby.” Continue Reading »

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Many people are mystified as to why the US would put these 25% tariffs on Steel and Aluminum on our allies (The EU, Mexico and Canada)

“Why would Trump want to start a trade war?” they say over and over as they scratch their heads.

Well, let me suggest to you a possible and very likely reason: The military.

Currently, the US military budget is 700 billion + —–more than the rest of the world combined.

Right now, as it stands, the US taxpayers are the ones paying for that. (for the most part)

Now—-what are these tariffs on? Aluminum and Steel—-and who needs aluminum and steel to make planes, weapons and structures?

Why the military of course!

Think about this: The US has over 800 military bases in 150 countries—-and Trump campaigned on getting the wealthy countries that benefit from our “Military Umbrella” to “Pay their fair share.” Continue Reading »

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Centrifugal force disproves the globe and the Spinning Earth/”gravity” BS. Here’s why:

We are told that the reason the oceans don’t fly off the earth as it spins is because of the Earths gravity—correct?

We are also told that gravity is why the earth is a ball—because “everything is being pulled towards the center, thus gravity makes matter spherical—correct?

Well, there is one big problem with this theory.

On a spinning ball, the centrifugal force will ALWAYS be strongest at the equator of “The ball”

If you doubt this—-Think of your experience on the merry go round—if you stood near the center, you could barely feel the centrifugal force of the moving merry go round.

But if you stood near the edge of the merry go round as it moved, you had to hold on for dear life to keep from being thrown off.

The same is true of any spinning round object , flat or spherical.

Now if gravity is a CONSISTENT force, it would HAVE to be strong enough to overcome that centrifugal force at the strongest point near the equator—correct?

BUT, if gravity is consistent as we are told, then as you moved away from the equator, you should feel the gravity pulling you down more and more as there would be LESS and LESS centrifugal force to counteract the pull downward. Capiche? 😉

But that is NOT what we experience.–is it? LOL No it is not.

On this earth, you weight the same at “The equator” as you do at the North pole—-AND there is also no perceptible difference in how the stars move over head, despite the fact that in theory, you would be barely moving on a spinning globe if you were on TOP of it or “At the poles” versus “At the middle/the equator”

So you see, the whole idea of gravity holding the oceans to the sides of a spinning ball is disproved by the obvious fact that we do NOT weigh anymore at the “equator” then we do at the poles—something that would not be the case if gravity was indeed counteracting the force of a spinning globe.

(Drops mic. Walks away)

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1) Evil minorities can only thrive with ignorant and apathetic majorities.

2) Intelligence=the ability to foresee the future based on present actions & events.

3) The older you get, the more annoying people younger than you become.

4) I hate misleading titles—-take “strip malls” for example. Why do they call them”Strip Malls?” I’ve never seen any strippers! No ones getting naked in these places. There are no strip clubs at a strip mall—to be honest,it’s false advertising.

If you think about it, REAL“Strip Malls” would be quite a phenomenon! People would work out so they would “Look good naked” when they “went to the Strip mall.” People would be saying things like:

“I hate stripping—but I love the bargains!”

You’d have all kinds of exhibitionists there. Continue Reading »