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Back by popular demand,here, for your amusement(and possible head scratching and befuddlement) are some more “Crazy Questions No One Asks.” 1) I think most people would agree that “being hip” is not an easy status to achieve, or to define for that matter If this is true, then how can there be so many “hipsters?” […]

“PC JOKES” (Pt 1)

  It has come to my attention that much of what we see,hear and read that gets called”comedy” is in fact terribly offensive to many. (Tsk Tsk.) So, in the spirit of unity and ┬ábeing a non gender specific person who wants to accommodate my sense of humor to this new era of “Political Correctness”, […]


1) “Why did the hipster burn his mouth on the pizza? He ate it before it was cool—” 2) “Why did the scarecrow win the award? Because he was outstanding in his field—-” 3) Whenever you hear someone describe a product with the phrase “It’s a good value”, you know that A)It probably isn’t, and […]