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Is it just me, or is the medias coverage of this newest “Sex scandal” involving President Trump and “Stormy” Daniels just a bit perverse? I know, I know—-if the president does it, it’s news—and there’s nothing the American people love more than a good ole fashion “gotcha ” sex scandal. But lets look at the […]

“PORN FOR THE BLIND” (Braille Porn)

Most people have looked at porn. Many won’t admit it, but most of us have—-not necessarily for perverse reasons, but because—well, its there—and we’re curious. Of course, some of us take it too far, just like some of us drink too much, smoke too much etc. But there is one group of people I have […]

“Broadly Speaking”

I once knew a broad who was goin abroad. She was an anxious broad with a broad smile who couldn’t wait to get ON board to GO abroad. She told me: “Brian,I’m a Broad whose gonna be on BROADway!” To which I said: “Well, thats a broad statement! Shouldn’t you wait to get on board […]


It’s March 6, 2018, and I just heard news that North Korea wants to negotiate with the USA. Apparently, they are willing to drop their nuclear program in exchange for a ceasing of military exercises that the Us and South Korea have been conducting for decades.   Can you imagine, after all the nasty rhetoric […]


We all know that the British Empire was for a time the master of much of the world. But how did Britain, a small country, conquer so much of the world and gain such a great influence over so many countries? Well, it wasn’t because of their superior navy or military as we’ve been told. […]


Every year on Feb 14, there is a holiday whose whole purpose seems to be to remind people who are in a relationship to “Show how much they’re in love” and to remind people who are single how horrible and lonely they are.It has to be one of the worst holidays ever, and has caused […]


1) Just realize that no matter how hip you think you are right now, in 25 years, there will be younger people laughing at your pictures, and anyone else who looks like you. Time has a way of making everything cool today cheesy in the future. 2) What’s up with all the long shorts? And […]